All News Articles and Social Media related to JFP Limited Initial Public Offering


Jamaica Fibreglass Products Limited sees $280-million IPO open next Monday

JFP furniture company to raise $280m in IPO

Jamaica Fibreglass Products targets $280 million from IPO

JFP targets regional market

JFP sees growth potential in regional markets

JFP bidding on hotel projects in the US as part of recovery

JFP Limited resilient despite pandemic setbacks

Kalilah Reynolds interviews CEO Metry Seaga #MoneyMondaysJa

JFP eyes US market

JFP, For You and Me w/ Ryan Strachan and 876Invest

JFP IPO requires careful thought

IPO Review and Analysis by Learn Grow Invest

IPO Review and Analysis by 876Invest

Analysts tell investors to stay clear of JFP

JFP Limited IPO oversubscribed, closed within a day

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