• Weekly investor forum hosted by Rachel Ceru, AP of Investment Banking, with Justin Scott, Investment Banking analyst
  • Discussion of Lumber Depot Limited and Trans Jamaica Highway Limited
  • Lumber Depot: Established hardware store in Papine, operating for over 20 years, with $1.82 billion annual revenue, trading at $2.70, PE of 11.5x
  • Financial performance: Stable revenue, 11% improvement in gross profit, 18% increase in net profits, $250 million cash on balance sheet
  • Future outlook: Potential 40% price appreciation, expansion opportunities with cash reserve
  • Trans Jamaica Highway: Operations of toll system, increased profits due to acquisition, steady revenue growth, attractive dividend yield (2.88%)
  • Future outlook: Expected revenue increase with toll expansion, caution advised for capital gains investors due to recent price increase
  • Conclusion: Both stocks offer potential for growth and dividends, with different risk profiles